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Mission, Vision and Values


In the quest for intercultural understanding and the teaching of foreign languages,

we open new horizons for people and help them to achieve greater satisfaction

and abundance in life.


For now the core of our activities will be Spanish language instruction.

We will work to develop and establish the most effective teaching method,

which we will share with the many who seek to learn foreign languages.


We consider the intercultural encounter to be the source of completely new

and beneficial values. 

Professional Conduct Guidelines

To be of use 

Even if we are talented, if we do not respond to the demands of our work,

we will not be able to accomplish anything. Let us be useful rather than talented.


Without an open and humble attitude, we cannot see things as they are,

nor can we learn very much.


“God helps those who help themselves.

” The future is in our hands. It is not given to us.

Discipline and creativity 

Discipline and creativity do not contradict each other.

We attach great value to discipline, especially to punctuality.

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